Farm Work/Milking


Milking is, undoubtedly, the most important part of the day on any dairy farm. It allows the farmer to inspect individual animals at close quarters. This allows general health assessment, heat detection and identification of other problems.

Farm Relief provides a specialist milking service carried out by trained, highly skilled operators. Evolving with milking technology advances means our operators can provide a quality service to farmers.

Our milkers will follow routines established by the farmer so as not to disrupt the smooth running of the farm. This includes adhering to traditional milking times and providing the same operator for repeat milkings.

Farm Work:

Farm Relief have a range of highly skilled operators who have the training and experience to work effectively on any farm. Our general farm work service is available for accidents, sickness or a much needed holiday. Many farms are managed by one person who need an extra hand from time to time, our relief labour service ensures that general farm work is completed effectively.

Our operators carry out all types of farm work such as:
– General Relief Services
– Tractor/Machinery Handling
– Silage Feeding
– Injecting
– Dosing
– Slurry or Fertiliser Spreading
– Yard Scraping