Freeze Branding

How It Works:

– The area to be branded is clipped and cleaned.
– The freeze branding irons are cooled to the correct temperature.
– The irons are firmly placed on the animal for a specific period of time-depending on the age of the animal.
– The frozen irons kill the colour pigment in the hair, turning it white within 4 to 6 weeks.
– Freeze Branding is the most convenient way of permanently identifying animals within the herd.

It is obligatory for accurate milk recording and greatly facilitates any on-farm computerisation of herd records.

– The technique is ideal for milking parlours.
– Easily read from a distance.
– Freeze brands are essential for correct identification of cattle in any farm situation.
– Horses and ponies can be freeze branded as a safeguard against theft.

When to Freeze Brand:

It is suitable for animals of all ages but the younger the better; i.e. yearlings. The work should be undertaken in the spring or autumn as the higher summer temperatures can create problems.

Our Service:

Our service is provided by our team of highly trained and experienced technicians, we ensure that the technique we use causes the minimum amount of stress to the animal and inconvenience to the customer.