Membership Benefit Scheme

Worried About Cover For Sickness Or Accidents?

We’ll work while you recover.

Sickness and Accident Support

Support Includes:

Use of Farm Relief operator in the event of incapacitation for up to 12 weeks, excluding the first week, which must be provided by Farm Relief and paid by the member.

Farm services at 25% of normal cost (i.e. 75% off) subject to max benefit of €500 (inclusive of VAT) per week.

Death & Capital Benefit

Benefits Include:

Accidental death: €20,000
Loss of one eye or limb: €10,000
Loss of both eyes or two or more limbs: €20,000
Loss of hearing: €20,000
Loss of speech: €20,000
Permanent total disablement: €20,000

Standard Membership

Benefits of Becoming a Member: 

  • Access to trained, reliable, fully insured, professional operators.
  • Flexible arrangements to suit your farm enterprise.
  • No admin work.

Alex Steen - Testimonial

”I use the Farm Relief service on a regular basis,” he confirmed. “The calibre of the operators made available is excellent. I know that the cows will be milked thoroughly and to the standards I would expect of myself. Using the service also gives me tremendous flexibility when it comes to managing the farm. It also ensures that I am not tied to the farm all the time. Milking cows properly is a very skilled job. Mistakes made in the milking parlour can be very costly. I am very choosy in terms of who I would allow operate on a relief basis. In the case of Farm Relief, however, I have an excellent working relationship with Christopher and his team. I would heartily endorse the service they provide to other dairy farmers.”