Sheep Scanning

The Service:

Farm Relief provides a province wide sheep scanning service. Our service is provided by our fully trained, experienced technicians. Our main aim is to save flock owners money.

Sheep scanning is now accepted as an essential management tool.

It can be used to establish whether or not a ewe is pregnant and if so, the number of lambs she is carrying.
The scanning process is quick and from an animal’s point of view, stress free.


Ewes should be fasted for 8-10 hours before sheep scanning. It is essential that farmers have a good marking system is in place to identify barren, singles or multiples.


Scanning ewes between 40 and 85 days after mating will produce a very high degree of accuracy in determining whether a ewe is barren or carrying one, two or three lambs.


Knowing precisely the pregnancy status of ewes allow the following management decisions to be taken:

1: Accurate feed determination of pregnant ewes according to the number of lambs each is carrying.
2: Fattening and/or sale of non pregnant ewes.
3: Assessment of housing requirements.
4: Improved lambing management.