A Career with Farm Relief

Max out on your existing skills set and qualifications,
get in touch with Farm Relief,
the longest established provider of farm relief services
who has exciting growth plans.

To Begin With:

Working with Farm Relief can put you on a career path opening up opportunities to obtain exciting new skills and qualifications. In turn, these will allow you to obtain ever-increasing responsibility and financial remuneration at every level with production agriculture.

Your Career Path:

Farm Relief will provide you with a career path allowing you to fully develop your talents, skills and abilities. Starting with a relief milking position and progressing to become an assistant herdsman, herdsman or farm manager.

We offer the same opportunities of advancement across all the farm enterprises. Farm Relief provides training ensuring that your skills set is ever evolving, so as to meet the challenge of new technologies and the requirements expected from the clients you would be working with in what has become a very fast changing farming world. All that’s required from you is the enthusiasm and commitment to make it all happen.

An Additional Income Stream With Flexibility:

Working with Farm Relief either full time or part time can provide you with a much needed source of additional income. We are totally committed to working with operators who also want to spend time developing their own farms.