Soil Sampling

With the busy mature of farming and agriculture soil analysis is something that is often knocked repeatedly down the order in the list of jobs to do.

The benefits of soil sampling:
Only around 15% of Irish dairy farms had optimum soil fertility levels in 2017 and almost 50% of grassland farms required lime. Every €100 investment in lime can return approximately €700 in extra grass annually.

Grass measuring and good management alone will not take the full potential out of your grassland. In order to get the complete benefits of measuring grass your soil fertility levels must be corrected to allow your farm produce grass to its full capability.

Farm Relief also offer soil sampling to work hand in hand with our measuring service.

What our soil sampling package includes:
1: We will walk your farm and take soil samples at the required time.
2: Soil samples will then be sent for analysis.
3: When the results are in, we will have a clear picture of how your soil fertility is.
This will include a detailed analysis for each paddock on your farm to help maximize grass growth and improve soil index’s. This information can be used to reduce use of chemical fertilizers on paddocks where soil fertility is good therefore also increasing profits. The information is also useful for selecting paddocks for reseeding.

Soil sampling return on investment in terms of efficiency and production is potentially huge, these results will benefit you and your farm and also the environment.